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Gryphon RF

RF Receiver and Data Link Analyzer for Eb/N0 Measurements

Gryphon RF board

Continuing with the Ulyssix style of innovation, the Gryphon RF is a first of its kind. A RF Receiver, RF Transmitter, and Data Link Analyzer complete with noise, jitter, latency, and re-sync test modes all the while providing precise bit error rate calculations. The Gryphon RF saves the operator time, by allowing manual or automatic test operation.


Analyze a system’s ability to recover from a variety of common signal interference.  Inject FM jitter to a PCM stream to simulate a common phenomenon seen when playing data off of tapes. Re-Sync Mode, measure how long a system takes to recover lock upon loss. Measure round trip link delay of a system in Latency Mode.


The Gryphon RF combines the versatility of a PCM simulator with a RF Transmitter. This pairing provides the user with an unmatched level of precision. The ease of use in the Bald Eagle RF is not lost in the Gryphon RF. The user has the ability of selecting from pre-stored data patterns, the fully programmable PCM simulator, or playing a previously archived Tarsus Archive Data file.


The Gryphon RF system is controlled via the dual capability touch screen displays or through Ethernet connection to a host computer. The Gryphon RF main graphic display allows for easy setup of test parameters and real-time viewing of test results. View and print complete test reports from the host computer.


As with all the Ulyssix products, all Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) firmware upgrades to the internal Tarsus3 are done via the Gryphon RF internal software interface via the USB port.

Data Link Features

  • Fully programmable PCM simulator or prestored patterns

  • Bit rates programmable from 1 bps to 40 Mbps

  • Supports IRIG code types - DC Level IRIG-B and AM Modulated IRIG A, B, G & NASA-36

  • Large Graphic Display for data entry or real-time viewing of test results

  • Easy to use front panel touchscreen interface

  • Composite output level programmable from 1 Vpp to 5Vpp in 0.1 VDC steps

Test Features


  • C/S/L/P/EP/IF Band Single Channel Modulating RF Signal Generator

  • Simulate FM Jitter commonly seen on PCM tape playback

  • Latency test provides readback of round trip link delay

  • Resync test shows bits from loss of sync to re-acquisition

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