Training is an integral part of the telemetry community. Ulyssix Technologies' Subject Matter Expert, Glenn Rosenthal, provides quality education to best fit you and your organization's schedule.  He has given presentations at NASA Facilities, various commercial and DoD facilities, and universities. Whether it is a 1 hour webinar or a 1 or 3 day training class either in Frederick, MD or at your facility, Glenn has the ability to make the most of your time.  Contact for more information or to set up your training today.

Topics Include:

  • PCM Processing - Bit Recognition, Frame Synchronization, Decommutation, and Real-Time Analysis

  • A Course in Telemetry

  • Airborne PCM Processing - From Sensor through Transmission into a Ground Processing Station

  • Receiving and Analyzing Telemetry Data

  • Ulyssix Telemetry Product Offerings

Take time out of your schedule to advance your career without leaving your desk. The live and on-demand webinars are a great way to spend your lunch hour.

Glenn's 1 day or 3 day learning workshops near Frederick, MD will provide the hands on learning without the distraction of being in the office.  Dates and topics to come.

Need something more specific or detailed for your organization? Glenn offers 1 day or 3 day programs either already designed or by creating a customized solution for your team.