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Telemetry with a twist*  
Innovative DSP-
based Communications Products 
*The twist is Ulyssix cares about you and the products we create!

Technology you can trust

Ulyssix Technologies, Inc. designs innovative, high quality, DSP-based products for the telemetry and satellite markets. In addition to hardware and software, our employees value customer support and training to keep you and your team  ahead of the competition.

Where Technology Soars!

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[ PCM Products ]


Digital Bit Sync/Frame Sync/PCM Decom/PCM Simulator/IRIG Time Code Reader Products

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[ RF Products ]


Dual Multi-Mode Receivers with Diversity Combiner and Single PCM Modulating RF Signal Generator Products


[ FM/FM Products ]


Baseband FM Demodulator/Demultiplexing Products

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[ ALTAIR Software Suite ]


Full-service software suite for PCM real-time and archival processing and remote interfacing to user platform

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[ Data Link Analyzers ]


Products to precisely analyze your data to confirm accuracy

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[ Learning ]

Videos, manuals, brochures, and training information

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